Hello, I’m Charlemagne! Welcome to Love Charlemagne! I’m a self-confessed British multipotentialite entrepreneur and lover of sparkle living in Germany and writing about my life’s adventures, dreams and interests! It’s my dream to be a writer, whether book, newspaper column or at a magazine but I want to inspire, entertain and share my experiences with the world. Building up my blog and perfecting my writing is my passion and my day job is well, bank clerk, slash retail slave slash English teacher slash proofreader/translator! 


A British girl in an international world!


Once upon a time there was an English girl who grew up  in a small seaside village named Rustington which is situated on the south coast of England, not far from Brighton, in West Sussex. (I bet you’re Google Mapping that as you read this!) She lived there for over 20 years and was a coastal gal at heart. She loved the sea and all things nautical and marine from nautical fashion trends, the colours blue and green, swimming, beaches and of course, the Navy and Marines! *swoon* She was an Aquarius; it might have had something to do with it too. However, in the UK she never really felt she fitted in. She felt her mentality was perhaps more European. She decided to explore the world and try to find where ‘home’ was. Well, fast forward through a few turbulent years, she ended up finding herself in Chemnitz, East Germany in 2011. A cold, concrete former communist city with a huge statue of Karl Marx’s head in the city centre (you know, just to reinforce the nostalgia for all things GDR), she married her Ukrainian boyfriend (six years later sadly divorced and living in West Germany) and started working as a proofreader and copy editor for non-native English speakers. It wasn’t her intention to work in that field but she kind of fell into it. She does that a lot. Fall into things. She also bumps into lampposts and spills chocolate down her tops but anyways, Charlie is the kind of girl that if you give her a straight easy path, she’ll think you’re tricking her so she’ll take the long-winded, challenging, Dorothy-through-the-woods kind of trail instead just because it might be more fun and she’ll learn a few more things along the way. An inquisitive mind (a.k.a. nosy cow) that always asks, “what if?”, “what’s that?” and “why?” she often finds herself in amusing situations or stressful predicaments. Alongside two crazy house bunnies who keep her highly entertained, she enjoys keeping fit, dancing, singing off key in the shower, baking and cooking (although successful bakes are rare!), following a paleo / gluten-free lifestyle, travelling, learning languages and loves to read and write! She’s also a supporter of the UK and US military and loves people! On the academic front, she has an Associate’s Degree in German from Bristol University (graduated 2006) and a BTEC National Diploma with Triple Distinction in Graphic Design from Northbrook College (graduated 2010) and in 2015 she completed a Master’s TEFL course. Her adventures are far from over and her ultimate goal is to just have fun and live life to the full and I guess try to find ‘home’ while helping others along the way.


With Love Charlemagne, my mission is to open people’s eyes to other perspectives, to understand more, to be more tolerant and compassionate and to love one another including themselves more wholeheartedly and freely without conditions, expectations, guilt or shame. By courageously sharing my life’s adventures and experiences, documenting my impressions and thoughts and ruffling feathers on taboo subjects, I hope to inspire and help you to be the best version of yourself you can be and achieve all that you dream of achieving whilst being kinder, more humble and less judgemental. Simultaneously, I am still trying to find out who I am and where ‘home’ is. A nomad Brit who ended up in Germany, I guess I’m looking to connect to like-minded people and discover what I am all about underneath the surface.
My personal mantra is: There isn’t really right or wrong in life but more choice and consequence, cause and effect and that mostly what we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Obviously, laws are there as guidelines to keep us safe and while some see life as strictly black and white, to me, life is all the shades of grey in between and open to much interpretation!
Come join me on this journey!
Love Charlemagne is a blog. I write about life and love from my perspective and about things I love in general. You’ll find articles on relationships, travel and culture, health and beauty, food, languages, fashion and seasonal things! I love Autumn and Christmas! I’m a glass half full if not overflowing type of girl, strong and determined and always positive and just love to laugh and love! We need more love in this world and to show it!  I’m a big gluten-free / paleo foodie so I had to just have a space for recipes and info there hence creating the food chapter. I also talk about overcoming health issues too regarding gluten intolerance so if you’re in the same boat, check it out under the section “health and beauty”. 

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Sending best wishes, love and hugs from Germany to wherever you are in the world,