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Bunny Love

Anyone who has ever owned a bunny will know how absolutely cute, lovable and fun they are but likewise how they can also be incredibly naughty, cheeky and damn right stubborn! As much as they are beautiful and endearing they are highly intelligent and mischievous creatures. Each animal has their own personality and often the little ones I find have the biggest characters, almost as if they are making up for what they lack in stature. Today it’s my little bunny girl’s 2nd birthday so I thought it would be great to dedicate a post to her and talk about bunnies 😉

In my previous post I mentioned my love for animals. I grew up with many animals but dogs mostly featured in my childhood and teenage years and a lot of my fond memories are dog related. Our rabbits were in hutches outdoors and we didn’t really interact too much with them and when my husband suggested getting bunnies here in Germany, I was hesitant because it just seemed like a lot of cleaning, hard work and not much fun.

My experience with bunnies had mostly consisted of just stroking them in their hutches, letting them run around a bit and feeding them.

I’d never heard of house bunnies.

I didn’t know you could train them.

And I certainly had no idea of their huge personalities and hilarious characters.

That was until we took the plunge and got two house bunnies. And oh boy! Didn’t we have an adventure getting used to them!

This post is for anyone who has ever owned a house bunny, is thinking of getting one and for anyone who just loves animals! And I felt I needed to do my bunnies justice and do an entire post for them!

Without further ado, let me introduce Snoopy and Romashka to you through these letters! I hope you enjoy them! 😉

Snoopy Dwarf bunny
Snoopy: Netherland Dwarf bunny

“Dear Mummy,

On the day you brought me home from the family that no longer wanted me, I knew I’d be loved by you and we’d get along just fine. Just so long as you played ball and adhered to my rules. After a bumpy start and a period of adjustment I think you’ve progressed and adapted rather well.

I know at first you didn’t have a cage for me but made a cute cardboard box house. It was fun munching my way through that, jumping out and tipping out all the hay. I also loved our game of chase, how I snuck into crevasses and hideaways and even under the kitchen units. Man, you were so furious having spent all evening dismantling the cupboards to get me out. lol. And that was only the first day you had me! Ahh the memories! Lmbao (Laughing my bunny ass off) It was also so funny squeezing under your bed and you trying to coax me out for an hour with carrots! I’m not a fan by the way. I like Kohlrabi greens, cabbage, banana, apple and bunny treats but you know that now. I can’t believe you boxed up all the hiding holes though. No fair!

I’m sorry I made you mad when I ate through 5 sets of headphone cables, destroyed the printer, scanner and laptop cables and internet wires. I guess you should have been a little more prepared and done your homework first—I like plastic and rubber! 😛 And by the way, you haven’t noticed yet but I chewed through your real leather shoes, your friend’s real leather handbag and your purple Kindle cover.

Let’s call it even for getting me neutered.

Plus they were in my way. OK maybe not in my way but they were on the floor. Easy target! 😛

But that cable protector tubing you got for the wires is pretty robust. I still can’t bite my way through it.

I know we’ve had moments where we clashed and toilet training was really annoying but I guess you just weren’t used to having a bunny live with you and you didn’t know bunny etiquette. You see the bunny house rules are as follows:

  1. Bunnies rule the house and have free reign to go everywhere
  2. Cage is bunny property too
  3. Sometimes Schoko-Bonbons just accidently fall out of our bottoms and there’s not much we can do about that. Sorry.
  4. YOU are privileged to live with US (I know you like to play this funny game where we pretend the flat is yours, it’s ok. I’ll play along but really you know it’s bunny property and we can evict you at any time you displease us. *nip* *lick*)

I know you love to buy us “bun buns” as you call us, cute toys and wooden chews to munch on but the kitchen table legs, rug and your paperwork from the bottom shelf in the study are way more fun and tasty! So you really shouldn’t bother buying ‘bunny toys’ and just let us play with your grown up stuff. Oh and the wrapping paper and ribbon you have stashed away are really pretty too. My teeth marks make cute patterns in them! You know, you really should come up with better hiding places. I can find everything!

Snoopy – 10 Mother – 0.

You know mum that I love to snooze all day long and especially under the radiator in my bunny bed in winter. I love stretching out and making myself super comfy. I especially love it when you stroke me and massage my back a little. But don’t touch my feet. You always try to do that and I’m ticklish so stop it. But keep stroking me.
*grinds teeth happily*

If you forget to pet me don’t worry, I’ll soon dig at your feet, steal your slippers or nip you to get your attention! 😉

When you’re working from home I love to snuggle under the desk by your feet and I like to make sure you’re safe and so wherever you go, I go. I follow you into the bathroom, into the kitchen and I dance around your feet when you’re trying to walk because it’s fun! We call it the ‘Snoopy Dance.’ I think I raced 10 times in a row around you and still didn’t get dizzy! Because like you say, “I’m a good boy!” I’m sure if you gave me another treat though I could do double that! 😛 (hint hint)

I love when daddy comes home and he lets us run up and down the stairs in the apartment building. It’s so naughty and fun and we can binky and zoom around like crazy! I almost did a back flip the other day which was sooo cool! Did you see? It was awesome and then I just flopped onto my side in total contentment and wiggled my feet haha! Best feeling ever! I sometimes binky and do speedies (The Bunny 500) on your bed when you’re not watching! Yup! I also love hearing rustling sounds in the kitchen because I so know you’re getting something to eat and if I race in, sit up and beg you will give me treats too but that mostly only works with dad … I think you need more training mum.

And by the way, it was dad that ate all the sunflower seeds not me. Uh hum …

I love hearing you laugh mummy, I prick up my ears, flick my head and jump around with you and I love snuggling up on your bed when you’re watching movies or are ill. I always try to get under the covers and burrow my way down the bed but you shoo me out. It’s not my fault I got overly excited and wet the bed once and nipping dad’s sausage was totally an accident. He was in the way and wouldn’t move! Seriously, it was dark and I didn’t know what it was! I love cozying up to you though and just want to make you smile. Your massages are the best and I could lie there for hours letting you massage me on your lap!

I love that you got Romashka a few months after me. At first I didn’t like her stealing my space, my cage and my toys but I got used to her. She is my friend now and we have a lot of fun together. She lets me groom her all the time and sometimes she chases me and tries to hump me which isn’t cool but generally we chase each other round and round the flat. Sometimes she is moody though and growls, especially when I’m trying to eat and she keeps trying to steal the best bits. We snuggle up together in the day to sleep because we are best friends and we do everything together. She is funny and cute and I love her loads. I even give up my cozy bed for her when she shoves, nudges and pushes me out.

I just love playing with objects and stealing things like pens, loo rolls, paper, pretty much anything nonrabbit and tossing it around. I love running off with it and waiting for your reaction before I run again. Chase is so much fun!

My favourite time of the day is bedtime when we get treats and we jump and circle around you loads. I get so excited and make a buzzing noise and run straight into the playpen to be put away for the night. I sit in my bed on top of Romashka’s house (which I know you bought for me originally but Romashka likes it more so I let her have it and I sleep on top of the house) and I wait for cuddles, strokes and treats. Then I snuggle down. Sometimes Romashka jumps up and we do top and tails and snuggle together. I like being in the same room as you just a few feet away so when you sleep, we sleep. And when we wake up and make noises you wake up too. 🙂

Thank you for being a great mummy, I love you loads and am so happy!

Much bunny love, nips and licks from

Your Snoop-Snoop XOXOXO

PS. I really don’t like having my nails clipped. Like really, really, really don’t like it. Can you tell dad to wait another month? I don’t think mine are that much grown from last time!”

Lop eared bunny
Romashka: Lop Eared Dwarf bunny

“Dear Mother,

Snoops said I need to write you a letter to tell you how much I love you. Ugh. Really? I’m sure you know. But if I have to waste precious sleeping time to make you feel better then here goes. I love you. OK? Seriously.

But sometimes though you annoy me.

You know that I like my space mother and I don’t think you call me “Princess Bunny” for just any reason; obviously I am a princess which means I shouldn’t be cuddled so much. And stop stroking me because I have to constantly clean myself afterwards. Also quit picking me up like Snoops, I don’t like it that’s why I kick my feet up at you, stomp and sit with my back to you when you eventually put me down. Just because that silly black bunny likes it doesn’t mean I do. And no, I’m not apologizing for nipping your boob. I told you I don’t like being picked up. You put me in quite the bad mood afterwards. You’ve only yourself to blame there.

Snoops might also run around your feet like a dog but unless you have food (my favourite food), I am not budging from my bed so don’t expect me to play. And I don’t like it when you try to clean out my cage. I told you so many times, the cage is my territory and you need to wait until I am out before you disturb my humble abode. Honestly, you never listen. Am I not growling loud enough? I’m not backing down on this.

And yes, I CAN understand English, German and Ukrainian and no I am not deaf … did it ever occur to you that perhaps I’m just ignoring you and don’t want to respond? Seriously mother, sometimes you’re just so clueless.

I just like my own space and not to be called every five minutes to play like a dog. Or Snoopy.

If I come to you, I will in my own time and usually because I just want to check what you’re doing. Don’t make such a fuss or big deal out of it.

I like many things though like digging. Ahh digging is one of my all-time favourite hobbies.  I love making noises, burying and shunting things. 😀 It is highly annoying though when you try to ssshhh me or stop me. Don’t you want me to have fun? If I want to dig passionately in my cage or at the wall in the early hours, Sunday especially, then I will. It’s my cage, my hobby. I like to dig. It’s just coincidence that I tend to do it when you’re hung-over or have important ‘work calls.’ 😛 Honestly. You shouldn’t drink so much anyway. 2 glasses of wine – you’re such a lightweight woman! *rolls eyes*

Oh yes, I love to mark everything with my chin and occasionally, I’ll spray. I think Snoops already covered the Schoko-Bonbons thing in his letter. Well, OK I do do mine on purpose to mark my territory but Snoops just gets all stupid excited and craps himself, literally. Anyways, it’s my flat and every time you clean I can no longer smell my scent on it so it means I have to mark my territory all over again. If you stop cleaning then I think we could come to a truce.

I love my cage. Yep. Thanks for getting it for me. Well, OK it was Snoop’s but being the girl bunny I figured I would keep order and make it homely and so I’m in charge and it’s mine now. I also love my bunny house. OK, Snoop’s house but I much prefer it to him so that’s mine too. He likes to chill out on the roof more. He calls it The Penthouse Suite lol. Bless his simple cotton tail. Anyways, I keep my house really clean and tidy and love snoozing in there. And thank Auntie Emma for me too for Mr House-Mouse. I know Emma knitted him for you but I like him and thought I would steal him for my house. What is a grown woman going to do with him anyway? He is much better off as my pet mouse in my house. I groom him and look after him. Although sometimes he is naughty so I throw him out.

Oh and Snoops is a cool roommate too. Obviously you were saving the best until last so you got Snoops first. I understand. He is cute and endearing. You know he loves me so much and grooms me when I want and I can shove him out his bed when I want to lie in it. I trained him well! He is the best ever! He says I have to share and I should groom him too so I do sometimes but it’s much nicer when he does all the work and I can just relax and get my beauty sleep! I love sleeping and grooming myself. I can spend all day stretched out sleeping. I’m such a beautiful bunny. I love it when you play music though mum. It’s so soothing and nice and I especially like your mellow jazz tunes or romantic love songs :)))

Well, it certainly beats listening to you talking at me and telling me all your problems! Mother, you need to believe in yourself more, have faith and just stop thinking so much! Be more like me! 😉 But I’m glad I can play shrink and help you. You’re lucky to have me mother! The things I do for you! 😛

Snoopy is a bit of a silly bunny sometimes but I love him. We spend all day together (usually so I can check up on him and get first dibs on food), chase each other (because sometimes he annoys me or I annoy him and sometimes because it’s funny) and snuggle at night together (mostly because he is warm and squidgy and he makes a good pillow). I once sat on his head though and he didn’t like that and nipped me. Bloody bunny pulled out a tuft of my pretty fur!!!

I also love “walkies” when dad comes home. Dad is much cooler than you although he wasn’t happy when I marked him with wee. I was just showing him I loved him. I love racing up the stairs in the apartment. I binky and flick my head and it’s so much fun. I feel totally rebellious and love having that freedom to run up and down exploring new levels. It’s such great exercise too to keep me looking beautiful! Dad plays with me and tickles my feet sometimes to get me to run circles around him but I don’t like it when you do it mum. You don’t have the right technique. Dad also feeds me extra banana which is my favourite treat in the whole wide world and I love sunflower seeds. I also sometimes steal his chocolate biscuits, bread and crisps too. I like all those things. I think I even managed to get some cake once. You’re not fun mother, you need to be more easy going like dad. And diet, schmeiet. Who cares?

By the way, Snoops is right, dad ate all the sunflower seeds … (heehee)

I don’t like that you have given us a bed-ban too by the way. I told you I like to mark my territory so naturally that includes the bed. You know I didn’t understand at first why you dismantled the playpen and put the frames around the bed so we couldn’t jump onto the bed. Then I realized that you wanted to live in our playpen because it’s so cool! I totally get that! Your bed slash playpen is your area OK, the rest of the flat is ours. Right, I think I can let you have that arrangement.

Anyways mother, I love that you take care of us when we are poorly, even if you schlepp us unwillingly to the vets for jabs. And you always clean my cage out which means I can mess it up all over again so it’s always a new day with a new task for me! It keeps me busy! Always work to do. I guess there is something good about that! Plus I like bedtime when we get treats. And yes, you might have accidentally seen me wag my tail like a beautiful Cruft bred pooch when I realized it was my favourite treat! I try not to let my weaknesses show too much. But I do love treats and racing around the playpen (which you always dismantle from around your bed and rebuild for us at night – I never really see the point in that. You know I once jumped that playpen, it won’t keep me off the bed lol. Actually, I jumped it twice. You should just stay in your playpen and we’ll have the flat) and I like chilling out on my tummy, legs out stretched ready to sleep. I may let you stroke me when I am eating but that’s it. When food is gone, we’re done with the petting OK?!

Thank you for looking after us, Dad is cool but you have potential so don’t give up.

Bunny love and nudges Romaschula XOXOXOX

(Romashka a.k.a. Princess Bunny)

PS. Snoops said he thought he overheard you talking about getting me spayed? What the hell???!! If this is true, we need to talk. Like seriously. This was not in the buying terms and conditions of the contract when you got me!

PPS. Just in case you were forgetting how beautiful and perfect I am, here is a Bunny-selfie 😉 ”

lop eared bunny

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love charlemagne

(Romashka = chamomile in Ukrainian) dwarf bunnies