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Ultimate must reads

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I’ve read many books over the years and some stick vividly in my mind, some I remember little snippets and details and others just pass me by. Each reading list I find is personal and different genres and writing styles inspire and influence us in various ways. It just depends what you’re into and how you connect to the story and characters. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of classical literature nor science fiction. Praise to the authors and all their dedication and perseverance to get published, especially women in times when writing and publishing were male dominant, but for me, the writing style and language of the classics are heavy, archaic and the relationships portrayed in the books annoy me. The Sturm and Drang and themes of suicide, suffering and unrequited love, particularly in German and Russian literature, are depressing, even heartbreaking. I’m a sort-of modern woman who loves love and cute fluffy things with a happily ever after ending. My ultimate relaxation books are women’s fiction; an easy-to-read, good saucy rom-com, a chick flick book, featuring food, snow, animals, some delicious sex and a military / police hero. Classic dreamy alpha male, a feisty female character and that push and pull chemistry.

But I feel it is important to read, analyse and understand classical literature. These novels, poems and scripts make us aware of the times we’re living in and make us appreciate how good we have it. We can be thankful for the struggle people went through in order to change the world and we keep the authors’ hard work and legacies alive.  Reading about history helps to prevent bad things like wars, genocide and prejudice from repeating in the future. It is essential that we do not erase our past but learn from it and while some books may feel like homework, they provide us with insights to society which consequently make us strive to be better people today. Expanding our reading to genres outside our interests and hobbies additionally helps give us what we call common sense. Likewise, reading modern literature gives us views on what is happening in the present. It keeps us flexible, updated and tuned in. Exposure to challenging topics helps us to be open-minded and accepting but also allows us to confirm what we believe in and what is important to us. Reading a range of literature from all periods, generations and backgrounds allows us to better understand the transition and development of society, economy and life in general over time and enables us to connect with, relate to and be more empathetic with others.

I love to read many genres to broaden my understanding of the world, to be challenged and to gain knowledge of other subjects. Below is my ultimate must-read list to enrich and possibly change your lives or just to make you a better person for tomorrow and give you food for thought. I’ll be adding to this list as I journey through life so be sure to check back for updates! If there are any books you think I should add or would recommend I read then drop me a message! I’d love to hear from you and check those out.

Have fun reading, my fellow book worms!

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